October 20, 2012

Liberal Bully - Lynette Gaymon

On a "dress-down" day where normal dress codes are relaxed,  Lynette Gaymon ridiculed a student for wearing a pink "Romney" shirt.  Lynette is a teacher's union member stationed at Charles Carroll High School in Philadelphia, PA.
Lynette Gaymon asked the girl if her parents supported Romney.  Ms. Gaymon then declared Charles Carroll High School (Philadelphia, PA) to be a "democrat high school", and proceeded to, ironically, equate the shirt to supporting the KKK.  Ms. Gaymon then encouraged others to continue the mocking in the hall.

The girl told reporters that she had decided to wear the shirt after researching the candidate and concluding that she liked Romney’s message better. Her father, Richard Pawlucy, said she was especially interested in Romney’s opposition to partial-birth abortion.

Ms. Gaymon defended her actions as "just kidding".   "Just kidding".  I've worked for three reputable companies.  Each of them have strong no-harassment policies.  They explicitly teach that "just kidding" is not a valid excuse.   Nor should it be here.  The girl was embarrassed and scared by an authority figure.   Lynette Gaymon was asked by her union to read a statement of apology.   Her statement came after the girl had left the school, and did not actually apologize for the actions but for the "chaos" surrounding the event.  Imagine. 
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Disappointing, but not surprisingly, there are several in the community throwing their support behind Lynette Gaymon by threatening and further bullying the girl.

I am hearing of so many stories like this from public schools throughout the country:  Leftist authority figures bullying children.  It's sickening, maddening, and often goes without accountability. In fact, the union has no plans to reprimand or investigate further(!).

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