February 1, 2012

Komen's Wise Move (update) ...Didn't Last Long

UPDATE February 2, 2012:  I wrote the below (in italics) yesterday.  Since then, Susan G. Komen flip-flopped and decided they have more than enough money to have found a cure for breast cancer.  They have so much money that they can give a bunch of it to a big-business that has nothing to do with breast cancer!
That's amazing. Because we're constantly told that the  main reasons we were not finding a cure is that researchers do not have enough money.
...either that, or it's not really about breast cancer.

From February 1, 2012:
The Susan G. Komen foundation for breast cancer research and awareness announced they were investigating cutting off their funding of Planned Parenthood.

...And, the America's liberals were called into action.  I'm on some liberal emailing lists, and they went nuts!  "Let Komen know you are outraged...", "Komen is making an extremist decision...."
Immediately, the mindless drones start flooding twitter, facebook (and may be even paying for hand-written letters and stamps) stating they will not give donations to Komen any longer.

American liberal ridiculousness would be humorous if not for the fact that their idiocy affects people.

What sense did it make to donate to one charity that turned around and gave a large portion to a different organization that accepts donations on their own? 
I understand that around 40% of Americans consider themselves 'pro-choice'.  But, nobody is stopping liberals from donating money on their own to Planned Parenthood.  PP won't turn it away.  But, now, there is better choice for the Americans that want to support breast cancer research, but oppose Planned Parenthood's profit center.

It's simple:  If you really care about breast cancer give to a credible breast cancer charity.  If you want to support Planned Parenthood - give them money.

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Adam D Lynch said...

You must watch to much faux news. Planned Parenthood doesn't do abortions! you dick.