January 5, 2012

Numbers are racist. There's no other explanation.

I would have preferred to have been wrong.  But, it was so obvious.  He turned out to be exactly who we knew he was.  It wasn't that hard to figure out.

A complete success in degrading the economy and opportunity.   Continuing the "work" that kicked into high gear when dems took both chambers of congress in 2006.  If only his economic disaster (the worst of which is yet to come) was the entire story...
Although his supporters blindly chant ridiculousness about conservatives being "nazis" or "fascists", It's Obama that...
- extended the Patriot Act he ran against, AND expanded its scope!
- insisted NDAA include Americans!
- blocked the needed Keystone pipeline, while giving US money for foreign oil production when financially beneficial for 0bama donors!
- is against common-sense legislation that would help insure citizens' votes aren't stolen!
- is against workers' right to have private votes on whether to unionize!
- pushed the obamacare in an incredibly deceptive manner. It will reduce choice and quality while increasing overall costs!
- sold weapons to Mexican drug cartels that resulted in American deaths. "Fast & Furious"! 
- launched neo-fascit #AttackWatch site!
- appointed the most corrupt administration in history.  Including 20 unaccountable "czars" to bypass constitutional methods!
- still pushes the man-made climate change scam in order to further control people and destroy opportunity!

 Seriously, don't you feel foolish that you threatened to move to Canada over the prospect of a fully vetted Republican winning the White House, yet supported the real fascist?!
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Anonymous said...

I regret voting for Obama. But don't you think you're being a bit harsh? Everyone pumped him up as being too good to be true.

Anonymous said...

Politifake? How do u expect anyone to take this seriously? Most of the numbers have been heavily massaged.....case in point - look @ the % change in the unemployment category. #jokeshow #scaryzealot

Cap said...

First: 9.1% is 17% higher than 7.8% unemployment. Actually 16.67%, but are you really writing to dispute .33? Does it bother you at all that, obama said "If we don't hurry and pass this 'stimulus' unemployment might reach 8%!" in order to get nearly one trillion $ of taxpayer money to pay back political supporters?
Second: You were wrong about the one "massaged" number you mentioned specifically. What other numbers do you believe are incorrect?
Third: Where does "#scaryzealot" come from? Did you read the list of fascist things Obama has done? Why the name calling? The facts are he's not only been horrible economically for all Americans, but he's the one that has implemented truly fascist policies. What name do you have for an idiot that empowers an economically-destructive rights-limiting deceptive maniac?
You debate like a son of a UAW slob. You know what "side" you're instructed to support - you just don't know why. And in the end you're ignorance screws us all.