July 16, 2011

American liberals may hate like nobody else, but they aren't hypocrites!

So, in the past two days, Bill Maher's guest "wishes all f'n republicans were dead".
Bill Maher himself likened GWB to a child molester, desired something called "hate f----s" on Republicans Bachmann and Santorium, and mused that the Palin's son Trig is a result of in-breeding.

To Maher's guest, Mr. Savage (ironic): if all Republicans were dead, the USA would be a third-world country.  Who would pay for everything?!  But, you'll find your utopia in hell someday.  So, why should I get upset?

But why the hate?  It's not like Bachmann or Santorium passed obamacare uni-partisanly, behind closed doors, including elements that they lied about, and will ruin choice, quality, and innovation. 
And no politician, and I mean NONE, has survived the incredible scrutiny that Palin has.  30 lawsuits all frivolous, thousands of emails gone through: she's survived it all. She's the kind of politician liberals say they want: transparent, honest, works for the people, etc.  But the fact she treasures Trig instead of aborting him trumps all else.

I once wrote that I wished Pelosi would get hit by a train (in order to prevent the passage of obamacare).  It was wrong. It came because knew how much obamacare would negatively affect America and Americans if it would be implemented.  Despite always winning debates on policy, I finally gave those that disagreed with me politically a "win". Lesson-learned on my part.

I have tens, maybe dozens!, of visitors to my blog. (70% from a single mac IP in Kalamazoo).  Maher has hundreds or thousands of viewers I imagine.  But, there will be no outcry from these liberals.  They reserve that for the most minor of transgressions by conservatives, just dying to call them "hypocrites".  Well, conservatives and even Christians aren't perfect.  So, we make mistakes.  The difference is we have the ability to be "hypocrites" because we actually stand for something, look at the big picture, and have strive for improvement.
You can't act like a hypocrite when you have no standards.

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