June 29, 2011

Obama 2012!

I saw this bumper sticker yesterday.

Why not just get the back of your car painted: "I'm intent on encouraging destructive behaviour from our least transparent and most economically irresponsible president"?

I can kind of imagine individuals that don't pay attention to anything deeper than "So You Thnk You Can Dance", trying to be hip, and falling for the billion dollar marketing job of 2008.

But to still be convinced he's the one?!  What in the world do you base your vote on?


The worst American economy since the Great Depression was a direct result from the housing/credit crisis ushered in by leftist democrats like obama's policies.

Obama past an unprecedented trillion+ dollar "stimulus" that ended up being nothing more than tax-payer payola to supporters. The result? A horribly weakened dollar, a more-than-doubled deficit, and very high unemployment and under-employment. Remember this: "If we don't hurry and pass this 'stimulus', unemployment might reach 8%!" (Obama Feb 2009).

Since congress turned dem in 2006, unemployment has nearly doubled! This is not due to "GWB driving the economy in the ditch". It's due to legislative decisions...policies. Policies have reactions.

The blocking of domestic drilling doesn’t just affect gas prices. It affects energy costs, plastic costs, it affects prices of all goods that require transportation: food, clothing, electronics, ..you name it. Why does he block drilling? The “environment” you say? Really? Then why did he just donate billions in US taxpayer money for BRAZIL to expand drilling?!

Even today, he continues to treat the responsible as enemies. Those evil, horrid "rich". Yeah, those same people that create jobs and invest in the economy!

It will get worse. Obamacare gives the government one-seventh of the economy. And, we all know how efficient and careful the government is with money! Lord knows how much worse it would get if he were to be awarded an even more (although I don't see how) unaccountable four years!

The Constitution & Individual Liberty

Throughout the history of man, there have been men that want to rule other men. For 235, that silly old document has prevented such a thing from happening in the United States.

Remember the Patriot Act? The anti-terrorism bill passed by GWB and Congress that liberals couldn't stop shrieking about. To be honest: most conservatives don't like it either. That’s why we conservatives were baffled when Obama not only extended the duration of the Patriot Act, but he also expanded the scope! I would like to say we were surprised when deafening silence came from those oh-so concerned liberals from pre-2008. Yes, the streets were EMPTY without protesters. Have a liberal friend you consider informed and concerned? No you don’t.

Remember the mindless and very incorrect mantras surrounding the liberation of Iraq? That war GWB “lied” about and “rushed” into. Yeah, that same effort that was approved by congress, and had dozens of countries alongside. Contrast that with the Libya bombing, You remember: Obama said we’d be there for “days, not weeks” It’s been four months now, with no end in sight and without any good purpose. And most importantly: without congressional authority! 

He continues to push the oft-discredited “climate change”. Why? Does he really hate true scientific method that much? Is he that stupid? Or, does it further his desire to further punish job-creation and make more Americans dependent on the government. He better hurry. The increase in sunspot activity that’s existed most of the past fifteen years is predicted to decrease. Even the weakest-minded hipsters, and most loyal union teachers, will have a difficult time supporting the scam.

Foreign Policy:

Where to begin. Insulted Great Britain several times. Bows to dictators. Hates Israel and is trying to coerce them into suicide. He was supposed to improve the United States’ standing in the world – yeah, countries that hate freedom LOVE a weak America. Well done Mr. President, well done.


The only major-party candidate in the last 90 years to not release his college transcripts and health records.

He promised bills would be posted no less than 72 hours before being voted on. This hasn’t happened of course. Not even the 2000 page bill that destroys the greatest health care bill in the world. Obamacare. While it was being “debated” (behind one party’s closed doors) 65% of Americans were against it. Amazing, considering the media aided in this largest abuse of power in US history. After passing it and “seeing what’s inside it”, more than 70% of Americans are against it. It’s clear that it will reduce quality (ever been through a TSA line at the airport?), choice and increase overall cost. It will greatly decrease further innovation and discoveries.

Don’t go down in history like those well-meaning, yet easily-fooled “useful idiots” of 1917 Russia. They bought into Lenin’s class envy and visions of “equality”. They doomed the next several generations to suffer under poverty and mental domination under the Soviet Union.

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