May 3, 2011

Thank you GWB

They (the Left and its media) were against the 'surge' that resulted in a free Iraq (including young senator Obama).
They (dem senate "leader", Harry Reid) proclaimed "the war is lost" disparaging our troops' morale,
They politicized and exaggerated waterboarding which was instrumental in finding osama bin laden.
They even convinced some that the US "rushed into war" and "went at it alone".
They were more concerned that the truth about the mission's execution and preparedness would result in a popular president "from the other side" than they were concerned about a freer Iraq and a safer world.

Throughout, GWB remained steadfast and clear.

GWB won't get wide-spread credit from the media or academia.  
In fact, if he did, GWB would quickly deflect appreciation in lieu of encouraging our allies and showing sincere gratitude to our men and women in uniform.

But, from those of us that care to care about America and the world:  Job well done, sir.
History will look on you kindly.


NATHAN said...

I wonder how much sooner Bin Laden would have been found if we wouldnt have expended 150,000 troops and billions of dollars fighitng a war completely unrelated to 9/11.

As for your contention that GWB was "humble".... I present the following 8 year old photo for your review...

Study it closely....

Cap said...

1- "unrelated to 9/11"? I can only imagine you're referring to Iraq(?).
Saddam and Bin Laden were collaborating before and up to 9/11. Plus a free Iraq did start a domino affect that GWB had predicted and planned for. GWB even gave months of warnings and the UN more than a dozen resolutions. There was plenty of justification for liberating Iraq, and a tie to Bin Laden and al Queda is certainly one of them.

2- "Mission Accomplished"? Thanks for setting another ball on the tee. What a ridiculous exhibit of the liberal media's affect on irrational individuals. And of today's brand of 'democrats' willingness to exploit any situation regardless of legitimacy, severity or negative consequences on America's interests.
The banner was never intended to signify that Iraq was won or the war was over. It was for the members of the USS Lincoln whose long tour of duty was over. GWB visited several groups of troops giving them encouragement and thanks. It truly did represent "mission accomplished" for the crew he was addressing. GWB said to those troops: the job in Iraq was not complete, promising difficult work in Iraq "bringing order to parts of that country that remain dangerous." And, "The transition from dictatorship to democracy will take time, but it is worth every effort. Our coalition will stay until our work is done."
How anyone initially could report that this was associated to the overall mission in Iraq is disingenuous and ridiculous.

NATHAN said...

Saddam and Bin Laden collaborating is pure neocon mythology, and was disspelled along with the idea of Saddam Husseins WMD programs by a combination of the 9/11 commission report and something called reality.

As for Obama being against the surge... that only proves the point that he was far more interested in than President Bush in devoting resources to Afghanistan and capturing Bin Laden.

As for your rather feeble claim that the Mission Accomplished banner was for the crew of the USS Lincoln, do the words...

"My fellow Americans: Major combat operations in Iraq have ended" ring a bell for you??

Thats some pretty broad language and some pretty major exposure for a speech addressing the crew of just one navy vessel.

Cap said...

So much macaroni thrown against the wall, so little time.

There are dozens of sources from the CIA and other intelligence organizations prooving saddam and bin laden supported each other financially, trained together and shared intelligence. Iraq was as much a priority for state-sponsored terrorism as Germany's allies were in WWII. He used WMD on his people, intelligence from the prior president as well stated that he was still working on more, and he threatened to use such on his neighbors. For obama and several dems to be against the surge was an unprecedented exercise in shameful politicization - harming America's standing in the world, troops morale, and the liberation in general with their exaggerations, false memory and out-right lies.

The speech on the USS Lincoln was not a message on the overall effort. It was a specific message to a specific crew that had completed a difficult and major operation. Their mission was accomplished. One difficult and successful mission out of many more to come. I think you know better, but it "sticks to the wall" with other irrational haters you run with it.