May 5, 2011

Fools for marketing, blind to reality

A quick recap of obama the campaigner and obama the president.
These came to me with about 5 minutes worth of pondering. 
More transparency
The only presidential candidate to not release health records and university transcripts.  Not to mention an army of "czars" that are unaccountable. 
Passed the healthcare government takeover (misusing the word "reform") behind locked doors ignoring real reform ideas like allowing health providers to compete between states and much-needed tort reform.  Obamacare is the most deceptive, expensive and liberty-limiting bill pushed upon the people ever.
Bills posted for public viewing at least for 72 hours before voting.
Great idea.  Hasn't delivered.  In fact, he covered up the truth about obamacare's details and worked harder to disparage truth-tellers than actually let people see it.
Close Gitmo
After spreading lies about Gitmo and politicizing such things without regard to America's interests, it remains open.
Stop water-boarding
After exaggerating water-boarding and convincing idiots that it's "torture", it was essential in the capture of bin laden.  Amazingly, his respect for American victims is void - his administration is still bent on prosecuting agents whose interrogation led to the capture of OBL.
End the Patriot Act
He not only extended the timing of this bill, he increased the amount of intrusion allowed.
Improve world opinion of the US.
Fail.  He's offends allies (UK, France) while bowing to dictators.
Get consensus before engaging in a foreign military exercise.
He falsely portrayed that the US "went at it alone" in Iraq.  Yet we had the support of two dozen other countries.  Far more support than his rush into Libya. 
Get spending under control and reduce the deficit
He's tripled the deficit; his "stimulus" was unprecedented waste that turned out to be financial payment to his supporters using tax-dollar money.  It has weakened the dollar causing increasing inflation.
Focus on job-creation "like a laser"
Please, someone tell him to stop focusing.  He's increased unemployment 30%!

Cut "taxes for the rich" (end the Bush tax cuts)
This one we're actually glad he didn’t do as promised.  Funny how he back-pedals because he realizes that ending the Bush tax cuts would be so disastrous, so quickly, for all of us that even he might be held accountable.  As a campaign promise, he realized how he could count on the support of the consumed-with-envy and irresponsible.  As a policy, so bad even he won't go there.
He also swore to uphold the constitution....
So, why then is he battling to remove privacy from workers' votes to unionize or not?  What an essential constitutional right.  Yet, he wants to remove it because he knows that unions are a great democratic party money laundering scheme.

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