April 7, 2011


Congratulations Judge Prosser, and congratulations the people of Wisconsin!!!

A 2008 'blue state' that has just enough people getting it.

Update:  Lesson about liberals.  When they were ahead by 200 votes, the leftist judge quickly declared victory.  Now that she's behind by 7000 she's demanding a recount.


NATHAN said...

Gee... youre right.... Republicans never ask for recounts.... paging Norm Coleman

Cap said...

Norm Coleman was ahead in the original vote. A recount was performed. Magically, Franken was ahead after the first recount...by less than 250 votes!
Since then thousands of illegal votes have been discovered. Franken was allowed to steal it.

Norm Coleman did not proclaim victory, as the commie judge in WI did, after leading by .01%.

Conservatives have it much tougher: experts agree they have to overcome around 2% of dem voter fraud per election. Then, if they don't win by a solid 5%, liberals will cry for a recount and more shenanigans ensue.

It's not even close to being a level playing field in terms of real behaviour, AND in terns of accountability for such behaviour. Your attempted example is a failure.