April 18, 2011

"Civility" for thee, but not for commie

I'm sure the mainstream media and obama will be chastising all in the hopes of "civility".   ,,,Oh yeah, silly me: "civility" is only called for, as a way to discredit conservatives or Christians speaking truth. Liberals have no such accountability regardless of method or deception.
There's a website that attempts to discredit the Tea Party movement by showing hand-written signs with spelling and grammatical errors.  I can live with being associated with these folks.  When you see the astroturf rallies of the left with their mass-produced signs, and  the behaviour of the attendees representing selfish causes - some spelling mistakes don't seem all that embarrassing.


NATHAN said...


Cap said...

Ummm...I don't see how this is applicable. Obama as a monkey. so what. Do a quick google search for Bush as a monkey and you'll get thousands of pictures.
I don't see how anyone would call this racist. Was it racist when it was done about GWB?
Nothing compared to the thuggery and bullying occurring on the streets by leftists.