April 18, 2011

"Civility" for thee, but not for commie

I'm sure the mainstream media and obama will be chastising all in the hopes of "civility".   ,,,Oh yeah, silly me: "civility" is only called for, as a way to discredit conservatives or Christians speaking truth. Liberals have no such accountability regardless of method or deception.
There's a website that attempts to discredit the Tea Party movement by showing hand-written signs with spelling and grammatical errors.  I can live with being associated with these folks.  When you see the astroturf rallies of the left with their mass-produced signs, and  the behaviour of the attendees representing selfish causes - some spelling mistakes don't seem all that embarrassing.

April 17, 2011

Silly things liberals say. III

"Republicans winning congress caused gas prices to increase".

Now, granted, this is almost off-the-charts ridiculous.  You're more likely to run into liberals that complain about high gas prices but admit to having no clue as to why.  But, I've experienced it. 

I think liberals see politics as more of a sporting event and identified an opportunistic situation - like rooting for Alabama and will twist or stretch any circumstance to smear Auburn (or vice-versa).  And, dog-gone it, they''re loyal, no matter how their "side's" policies are negatively affecting most people.

So, why have gas prices been skyrocketing?  It's very simple:  The price of fuel is rising because Obama wants it that way.

1- The US dollar is increasingly weak. The economy is global.  When the US dollar is weak, global economics are such that commodities for regular Americans will be more expensive.  Why is the US dollar getting so weak?  Because of the unprecedented debt and deficit we are experiencing.   Obama and the dems passed a "stimulus" that promised to prevent unemployment from reaching 8%.  Currently unemployment is over 10% and we've found out that the "stimulus" was merely political payoffs for Dem donors.  Oh yeah: And the result was a tripled deficit!  Criminal.
2- Obama and liberals controlling the Senate are not allowing drilling new drilling in America.  Obama recently invested US money into Brazilian drilling invested in by George Soros.  Meanwhile, only 3% of American reserves are being drilled.  Insane.
3- The stability (or lack thereof) always affects fuel prices.  It's generally pretty unstable in the Mid-East, so this is very relative (and another reason to drill, at least some, domestically).  Yet the odd stance by the Obama administration to attack Libya unconstitutionally has certainly moved the "stability needle" in the wrong way.

So, not only is gasoline and home heating prices for all Americans skyrocketing, but the price of all goods WILL be affected.  Goods like milk, food, clothing....anything that gets transported.  This is not going to help the unemployment that has already almost doubled since 2007.

"They'll turn them all into beggars because beggars are easier to please".

Edit:  Reader message.
NATHAN said..."Gas prices were higher under your hero George W Bush. I wonder if you were so quick to complain and point fingers back then?"
TIGERCAP100: George W. Bush is not my hero.
But, "there you go again" (quote from my hero), thinking it's about who happens to sit in office instead of policy.
Gas prices reached a slightly higher level in the summer of 2008 than they are now. The questions are: "why", and "what was done about it and was it successful?"
Unfortunately dems gained control of both chambers of congress in 2006. They blocked any reasonable discussion about drilling domestically. Secondly, the summer of 2008 is when the housing and credit crisis hit. The reasons for the housing and credit crisis' are very clearly due to failed liberal policies. This is all well-documented.
In July 2008 avg gas prices shortly peaked at $4.05/gal.  When GWB left office (Jan 2009) it was $1.87!
The reaction was successful, partly due to GWB having the ability to prevent increases in taxes and unnecessary regulations... Now that you know some of the policies that drive unnecessary energy and fuel prices, will you focus any of your efforts for change from the administration?

April 7, 2011


Congratulations Judge Prosser, and congratulations the people of Wisconsin!!!

A 2008 'blue state' that has just enough people getting it.

Update:  Lesson about liberals.  When they were ahead by 200 votes, the leftist judge quickly declared victory.  Now that she's behind by 7000 she's demanding a recount.