March 8, 2011

NPR: Irrelevant Waste.

Why does even one cent of taxpayer money go to this irrelevant organization?  It's about as credible as USSR's Pravda, and about as beneficial as a kick to the head.
If individuals decide to donate money to them, that's their right.

The fact that Schiller thinks and says the Tea Party is racist shows how unbelievably biased he is, and the type of morons NPR hires for Senior Executive.
NPR Sr. Exec. caught on video lionizing islamo-fascists
 ...He also says NPR would be better off without federal funding!
James O'Keefe is a hero.  Erin Brokevich x 100.

Additional reading regarding NPR:
NPR's Schiller tries to deny leftist bias
Includes just a few recent examples


Beerhauler said...

Schiller should be considered a political martyr for being fired for speaking the truth.

Cap said...

Socialists have an unusual definition for "truth". Whatever is self-serving (despite real evidence) - if they can get enough people chanting a lie's truth! Jews are the reason for all the wars, huh J?
Do you also think it's "truth" that he thinks the Muslim Brotherhood is pretty cool? (Do you know what the Muslim Brotherhood would do to women that show some ankle, gays or atheists?)

And he was fired by an organization that supposedly is in business to report facts. If he's so full of truth, what does that say for NPR's value of truth if they fired him for it?

Beerhauler said...

I think they say that he had already tendered a resignation, and that it would be in the organization's best interest if he just left before he was slated to be finished. What it says is that NPR rolled over to placate the masses. They're still not fighting back. I think that's a shame.

In the meantime, they're airing left-wing stories about how the Obama administration isn't being as transparent as they claimed they would be coming into office… you know, the usual left wing extremist stuff.

Cap said...

Wow. I just noticed that an earlier comment was caught by the spam-catcher and not automatically posted. In it, Mr. Hauler calls the tea party ignorant and racist.
Really? Do you really want to go there?