March 8, 2011

NPR: Irrelevant Waste.

Why does even one cent of taxpayer money go to this irrelevant organization?  It's about as credible as USSR's Pravda, and about as beneficial as a kick to the head.
If individuals decide to donate money to them, that's their right.

The fact that Schiller thinks and says the Tea Party is racist shows how unbelievably biased he is, and the type of morons NPR hires for Senior Executive.
NPR Sr. Exec. caught on video lionizing islamo-fascists
 ...He also says NPR would be better off without federal funding!
James O'Keefe is a hero.  Erin Brokevich x 100.

Additional reading regarding NPR:
NPR's Schiller tries to deny leftist bias
Includes just a few recent examples

March 3, 2011

Silly things liberals say. I & II

As is the case often, a liberal friend will be inexplicably for one ridiculous thing, while being against a related reasonable thing.

So, in a short amount of time, you'll often hear these nuggets of "wisdom" come from the mouth of  an American liberal:
1- "Everybody should vote!" or "It's your duty to vote!"
And, then, to those that actually follow politics and complain, not about superficial  perceptions, but affects of real policy:
2- "If you think you know so much, maybe you should run for office"., to summarize: "Don't really worry about understanding policy cause/effect, but vote anyway".

Wouldn't it be more wise to NOT vote if you not informed?  Of course everyone has the right to vote.   But, what good is it to have uninformed people randomly pulling levers??!

And, isn't the real responsibility to understand issues and consider the result of stated "solutions"?   What? I have the duty to vote, but not to research and share knowledge?