January 15, 2011

J. Eric Fuller

 Fuller is, and has been, far-left. Just dying for a chance to exhibit justified hatred towards the Right. The media encouraged him. 

"Trent Humphries (Tea Party) has been receiving death threats all week since the national media and their leftist cohorts began blaming the tea party for the shooting by the leftwing pothead. Currently, government officials are checking his mail for him due to the threats. ...
The unhinged leftist J. Eric Fuller was charged with with threats and intimidation and he also will be charged with disorderly conduct."

Fuller also gave an interview to (the far-left and  ironically named group) "Democracy Now" blaming conservatives for the shooting: 

Update:  Fuller sometimes went by the screen name "thornking".  Here is the profile, and only post, by "thornking" on far-left website Huffington Post. A little violent, don't you think?

Screenshots of his public Facebook page:

"Bravo Alan Grayson, Dennis Kucinich , Bernie Sanders".  Need I say more?

January 8, 2011

Really? You want to blame Palin or the Tea Party?!

Despite the unbelievable attempts by Jane Fonda, NYT columnist Paul Krugman, and Dem. congresswomen Lopez to blame the shootings on Palin and the Tea Party, it seems this guy is closer to hating Gabrielle Giffords because she wasn't liberal enough!

And, the attempts to blame Palin's target-map are a ridiculous stretch, and hypocritical to boot.
Those kind of "seats we're targeting" maps are pretty common.  In fact the Democrats used one with bulls-eyes, and Daily Kos (popular leftist site) used one targeting several individuals including Gabrielle Giffords herself.

Hillbuzz (I think a site of Hillary Clinton supporters?) documents a lot of information (link). that flies in the face of this guy being a Palin fan or Tea Party activist.
...As if the fact that his youtube account shows him as a fan of flag-burning, anti-Christian, and believing the US is a terrorist nation engaged in 2 "illegal wars" wasn't enough to indicate that.