December 29, 2011

Favorite Songs of 2011

One individual's opinion.  From what I've heard so far, 2011 was a decent year for music.  2005 and 2008 were better.  But, I didn't discover half of the songs I love from those years until the calendar flipped.  So, this list is sure to change.

F'ed Up - "Queen of Hearts"
(Television can't say their correct name, so I guess I won't either - being mindful of my audience.)  From beginning-to-end, their  2011 album David Comes to Life is the best.  Some things I've read about this Canadian band get hung up on which genre to classify them as.  When you worry about that, I believe, you can alter your willingness to simply enjoy the music.
It's kind of cool that their video for this song substitutes the singer's voice with others'.   

Yuck - "the Wall"
They're from London.  I have more music from London bands than any other two cities combined.  Some day I'd like to go there to see and hear English Football and bands.  Yuck's debut LP, from which this song comes, has the worst album cover art of the year.
(Unofficial, but well done, video for the song: link.)

Alabama Shakes - "On Your Way"
Daaaang, this band is good.  They have one EP under their belts so far and I'm definitely wanting to hear much more!  I have seen them listed on a lot of other blogs' 'best of 2011'; "Hold On" seems to be the song-of-choice.

the Vaccines - "Wreckin' Bar"
They have some longer songs and some songs that are better lyrically.  But, for good ol' rock 'n' roll, this is hard to beat.

the Tonies - "Pretty Fake"
Speaking of good ol' rock 'n' roll: finally, the follow-up to 2000's critically-acclaimed Daily Dose!  Here's hoping more power pop will come from this Kalamazoo, MI trio sooner than in a decade.

Those Darlins - "Boy"
A band I'd love to see live.  I don't know the band well enough to say this for sure: but I think this is one of the few where "the blonde" (as I call her) performs the lead vocals.  They're from Murfreesboro, TN (just south of Nashville).  I've been to that town a couple times.

Drew Holcomb & the Neighbors - "Steal My History"
Sorry, I can't find a youtube video for this song, or any other site that allows play of this entire song.  You'll have to trust me: It's good.  It kind of starts nanaNAna nanaNAna nanaNAna nanaNAna .... with drums and tambourine and then a guitar squeals aWEE WEE - aWEE WEE.  Then the vocals kick in.  Pretty full sound after that.  The band is known for a western-like, pretty mellow sound - this song is more "rockin'" than most of their tracks.  Also one of the few bands (but not the only) on this list I've seen live.

Dum Dum Girls - "Heartbeat"
What's the word for that guitar sound at the beginning?  I'm hearing it on more songs lately, and I love it.  Also love the female vocals and wall-of-sound instrumentation behind it.  Better than the songs they selected for singles, imo.

Heartless Bastards - "Parted Ways"
Like a lot of memorable bands, the vocals are unique and great, but don't overlook the band if you check them out.

Sloan - "Unkind"
This song by long-time Canadian rockers, is reminiscent of early-80's power pop.  Could today's American mainstream radio handle a station that played music like this?  I guess most of the Knack, Phil Seymour and Nick Lowe didn't get much play back then either.  History will be kind to Sloan though. 

Howler - "You Like White Women I Like Cigarettes"
I have no idea what it's about but the sound is right.  I just discovered this band and am happy to learn they're from Minneapolis.  I visit there frequently and would like to catch them before they have to play in arenas.

Fleet Foxes - "Helplessness Blues"
This song is listed last, but certainly not least.   From what I've seen from other blogs, it's not an original choice either.

September 15, 2011

#AttackWatch fun

"Attack watch" is a terrible idea.  At best it seems desperate and beneath a president.  Others interpret it as intimidation towards opponents.  I'm glad freedom-loving Americans are fighting the authoritarian with an avalanche of humor.

The below have been gathered from different sites.  Please comment if you have a good one to share and, if I like it, I'll add it to the list. 

Dear #attackwatch: Orwell’s 1984 was a cautionary tale, not an instruction manual.

#AttackWatch I still have friends and family I believe are not on any kind of government assistance. Where can I report names?

So glad #attackwatch is here to dispel those unfounded attacks involving Solyndra, Gibson, Fast and Furious, Gulf moratorium, NBPP, etc.

Hey @attackwatch, there was an idiot in Congress last Thursday that kept screaming “pass this bill” when no bill had even been submitted.  #attackwatch

- someone said Obama is Hitler. I said that it's not true - Hitler got the Olympics for Germany. was that OK?"

Dear #attackwatch my neighbor won’t give me all her money even though she makes more than me. Look into this please.

Hey #attackwatch I just looked at a map of the U.S.  Someone has stolen 7 of the 57 States!

#attackwatch I saw someone purposely squeeze the Charmin in the grocery store

I want to report that an elected executive has been bowing to world dictators! #attackwatch @barackobama

“pass the bill to see what’s in it” !? I want to report Pelosi for gross dereliction of duty! #attackwatch @attackwatch 

I want to report a jr. sen. from IL that voted care not allowed for babies surviving botched abortions! evil: @barackobama #attackwatch

Taking away worker’s right to a private vote on whether to unionize! I want to report the dems for fascism! #attackwatch

Gee can’t imagine why BO supporters get upset when we call them “brown-shirts” or liken them to USSR’s “useful idiots”..#attackwatch

someone's pushing a ponzi scheme on Americans! they call it "social security". #attackwatch

Some guy named Joe Biden called Obama a “clean and articulate” black guy. I don’t know about you, but that smacks of racism. #attackwatch

#attackwatch I want to report a guy who farted in the elevator but refused to blame it on Bush.

#attackwatch Obama actually created 2 jobs yesterday...Republican Mark Amodei seat and Republican Bob Turners seat

Coincidence that @attackwatch colors are the same as Nazi flag? #attackwatch

Al Gore invented the internet just to humiliate Obama with #attackwatch

I’m grateful to live in a country where the totalitarians are so hilariously inept. #AttackWatch

My disabled WW2 Veteran neighbor insults Obama every day, he flies the American flag! #attackwatch

#attackwatch we much, we must and we will much, about that, be committed.

#attackwatch I think my neighbor is harboring conservatives in their attic. Please send the mean the DHS.

@BarackObama campaign has Tea Party moles. Nobody who likes the president would ever launch something as bad as @attackwatch. #attackwatch

Hey #attackwatch, I saw 6 ATM’s in an alley, killing a Job. It looked like a hate crime!

Uh oh..there’s a brown #AttackWatch van in my driveway. No..wait! It’s just UPS...whew!

#attackwatch: I saw kids setting up a lemonade stand the other day. And their parents had a flag in their yard.

Some jerk next to me says George Soros puts geoducks “inside himself!” This is NOT TRUE! #attackwatch

CRIPES! I just saw someone lift with their back and not their legs! This just won’t do. #AttackWatch are you aware of this?

Dear #AttackWatch, If I tell you what my Pastor said, can I have an ObamaCare waiver?

@AttackWatch Someone’s lying about the president on TV right now. Wait. That IS the president! #attackwatch

@AttackWatch I tried to find some red/black themed posters for you, but only ones I found are in German and have a funny symbol #attackwatch

The conservatives have coopted the #attackwatch hashtag. Another Acme product explodes in the face of Wile E. Obama

SEIU Intimidation Manual Exposed! #evil #attackwatch

hey @attackwatch investigate the whole country for not watching Olbermann #attackwatch LMFAO!!

@attackwatch Which Alinsky rule is #attackwatch?

#attackwatch I heard the OBAMA isnt even a good golfer even though he plays all the time @attackwatch

#attackwatch: “If I turn in 10 people, do I get an official brown shirt?”

#attackwatch Holder is guilty of murder.sold guns to drug cartel .oh, wait obama said it was ok to help the Drug on blow

Obama Sends Out Creepy Email: “Sometime Soon, Can We Meet For Dinner?” #attackwatch

It’s been 16 hours since @AttackWatch last posted a tweet. If that’s what they call ‘fighting back’ the 2012 election should be EASY.

1,472 ObamaCare waivers. #AttackWatch

Hey @AttackWatch, there's a rumor that your website is staffed by people who work at 501(c)(3) orgs and that's a no-no. #attackwatch

I heard a rumor that Obama was in fact dumber than Bush! Please help! Post his college transcripts to refute that. #attackwatch

@attackwatch, some idiot created a Twitter hashtag called #attackwatch and people are incessantly mocking @barackobama on it.

I don't think this transparent admin is very transparent, could you look into that? #attackwatch

#AttackWatch WH messing w/unemployment calculation. Please check into this & recalculate, if necessary. TY

Is “cash for clunkers” still in operation? How much can we get trading in @BarackObama toward a President who actually works? #attackwatch

Hey #AttackWatch, one word: Canada. They’ve been passing this stuff off as bacon for years...and it’s not.

Dear #AttackWatch We keep creating jobs in SC. They must be stopped. Oh wait, I forgot, you’re on top of that with the Boeing deal.

#attackwatch do you take reports from all 57 states? 

#attackwatch I know where Anne Frank is hiding!

#AttackWatch - Sarah Palin lives rent free inside your thin skull - are my govt tax $$ subsidizing her? I think this issue is a travesty

#AttackWatch I would like to report the theft of NY’s 9th Congressional District (& the Democrat Party’s mojo) by the GOP. 

Obama launched a program to track attack threats. We had a similar program on the Death Star, but that didn’t stop Luke. #AttackWatch

If #AttackWatch goes down, please be patient! North Korean software takes a while to reboot! 

@AttackWatch Someone in my house just said Obama failed every econ class in college. Please release his transcripts to debunk. #attachwatch

Dear @AttackWatch Reporting @BarackObama for saying unemployment wouldn’t go above 8% if Stimulus passed #attachwatch #OFA

#AttachWatch Please investigate gibberish coming from Al Sharpton.Not even sure it’s English.Maybe some kind of secret code? #resistwemuch 

Dear #AttackWatch: This chick brought in some yummy smelling food today and did not redistribute it to the rest of us.

#attackwatch. Nancy Pelosi says that for every dollar spent on Food Stamps, 1.73 comes back. How come the ghettos aren’t rich?

Pedlar7 CW
#attackwatch I’d like to report the US Senate for not passing a budget for 800+ days. #HarryReid

My friend says obama never released med or college transcripts. ridiculous! please provide link so i can prove her wrong! #attackwatch

I saw criminals running down the street armed w guns NOT provided by the Justice Dept #attackwatch

#attackwatch. Reporting on my neighbor who said the war in Afghanistan has not ended per #Obama campaign promise!

Dear @AttackWatch someone requested 23,000 pages of Barack Obama’s emails .... oh wait..nevermind. #attackwatch

I just saw several white people. The #seesomethingsaysomething” videos show likely terrorists are white middle class #attackwatch

#AttackWatch my son would like to know where he can file a report for the theft of his future? #allyourObamabelongtous

Dear #AttackWatch, I heard that ‘lawmakers are looking for answers’ regarding Solyndra. Is that allowed?

#attackwatch Gibson Guitars are 100% American made..have DOJ raid them..oops u did that already

#AttackWatch I’m missing about 500 million dollars invested in some sort of solar energy company that’s gone bankrupt. Help? 

Celeste Atkins
Attention #attackwatch just saw some purse snatchers and pickpockets claiming #Obama gave them the idea. Investigate!

Celeste Atkins
I see dead people...registering to vote in Chicago. Get on it! #attackwatch

Celeste Atkins
Pssst #AttackWatch Someone is spreading an ugly rumor about Pelosi. They say if she has one more facelift she'll have a beard. Investigate!

Steel Magnolia 
Obama is so unpopular now that Kenyans are accusing him of being born in America. @AttackWatch #attackwatch @EricBoehlert

I read that attacks on Michelle Obama are to be reported to #sasquatchwatch not #attackwatch

Someone should report @AttackWatch to #attackwatch since it is demolishing Obama's reelection chances. Oh, the paradox!

RFD America 
BREAKING NEWS: #AttackWatch and #libtards take reeming, KY-Jelly proves ineffective. #attackwatch

Can't help but notice they named it #attackwatch rather than #truthwatch

#attackwatch I'm reporting the polar caps. They keep increasing even though you said they're shrinking. Clearly a GOP scam

#attackwatch, I want to report a smear. Been laughing so hard that I needed a change of #briefs.

RFD America 
Forgive me #AttackWatch, for I have sinned. It' has been 1 day since my last #snitch

AttackWatch The pro gun laws are stopping me from going into people's homes and taking my fair share!

#AttackWatch Just saw a person pick up a piece of litter and throw it away without a permit, union approval 

#AttackWatch have you cried "uncle" yet? Because we can keep this up all f***in' day.

Dear #AttackWatch my Alphabet soup spelled out "Obama is a stuttering clusterf*** of a miserable failure"

#AttackWatch is a perfect metaphor for Obama's presidency: meant to be serious, yet nothing but a joke.

Wasn't #AttackWatch bragging they got 10,000 email sign ups? The video mocking them has over 186,000 views.

RFD America
Oh #AttackWatch won't you by me a Mercedes Benz? My friends all drive Porches. I must make amends.

#attackwatch I want to report Al Gore. I think I have rectal cancer from all the smoke he blew.

#attackwatch @attackwatch if i tell you my boss said something bad about Obama, can I get his job? 


#AttackWatch No names, but someone in WH keeps leavin the toilet seat up! OK-Pretty sure it's Napolitano. MaO

#attackwatch My dog just created a shovel ready job for someone. It's piled up in my front yard.

Asia Reeves 
I gave my niece a bag of Cheetos this evening. I humbly ask that Michelle spares me the guillotine. #AttackWatch

#attackwatch I want to report someone at home on the range who said a discouraging word.

Don't see anything on the #attackwatch website about Solyndra, Gen Shelton's claims, or Fast and Furious

Was losing argument with #teaparty neighbor, so I called her a racist. Forgot she was black. Awkward. #attackwatch

@AttackWatch fact request: how do I map “tax and spend” to “hope and change”? Is it a 1-to-1 mapping, or more subtle? #attackwatch

#ifyouloveme and #passthisbill —  this is starting to look mentally unstable. Should invoke 25th, but, jeez, Biden?!. #attackwatch

@AttackWatch fact request: Will Obama’s next Nobel Prize be for bombing Lybia or arming Mexican drug lords? #attackwatch #fastandfurious

@AttackWatch fact request: what are the window dimensions in the Oval Office. @SarahPalinUSA is shopping for drapes. #attackwatch

#attackwatch: @foxnews is giving more than ONLY ONE side of stories! (that's what this is all about, right?)

July 16, 2011

American liberals may hate like nobody else, but they aren't hypocrites!

So, in the past two days, Bill Maher's guest "wishes all f'n republicans were dead".
Bill Maher himself likened GWB to a child molester, desired something called "hate f----s" on Republicans Bachmann and Santorium, and mused that the Palin's son Trig is a result of in-breeding.

To Maher's guest, Mr. Savage (ironic): if all Republicans were dead, the USA would be a third-world country.  Who would pay for everything?!  But, you'll find your utopia in hell someday.  So, why should I get upset?

But why the hate?  It's not like Bachmann or Santorium passed obamacare uni-partisanly, behind closed doors, including elements that they lied about, and will ruin choice, quality, and innovation. 
And no politician, and I mean NONE, has survived the incredible scrutiny that Palin has.  30 lawsuits all frivolous, thousands of emails gone through: she's survived it all. She's the kind of politician liberals say they want: transparent, honest, works for the people, etc.  But the fact she treasures Trig instead of aborting him trumps all else.

I once wrote that I wished Pelosi would get hit by a train (in order to prevent the passage of obamacare).  It was wrong. It came because knew how much obamacare would negatively affect America and Americans if it would be implemented.  Despite always winning debates on policy, I finally gave those that disagreed with me politically a "win". Lesson-learned on my part.

I have tens, maybe dozens!, of visitors to my blog. (70% from a single mac IP in Kalamazoo).  Maher has hundreds or thousands of viewers I imagine.  But, there will be no outcry from these liberals.  They reserve that for the most minor of transgressions by conservatives, just dying to call them "hypocrites".  Well, conservatives and even Christians aren't perfect.  So, we make mistakes.  The difference is we have the ability to be "hypocrites" because we actually stand for something, look at the big picture, and have strive for improvement.
You can't act like a hypocrite when you have no standards.

July 15, 2011

Cornered 'rats are desperate rats

The debt ceiling debate has been going on for several days.

If Bush "drove the economy in the ditch", how'd he do that?  The reason the economy sucks is due to the housing/credit crisis perpetrated by liberal policies.  Yes, GWB also over-spent.
But, explain how spending 400% more than during the Bush years going to unprecedentedly improve things now?!  It won't, of course.  Cutting spending and cutting taxes will improve the dollar and will create jobs.  But, who needs facts when there are people to control and successful people to demonize.

As president obama's "stimulus" (taxpayer money laundered to supporters) only served to drive unemployment higher and inflation higher.  He has no energy policy, the party ruling congress since 2006 hasn't a budget, and the American dollar is weak.  As proven by his obamacare methods: he doesn't care how expensive, dirty or destructive a plan is as long as he gets his way.  He is way beyond "that's just politics" and is affecting generations of innocent Americans with his economic recklessness.

Throughout the debat, obama has been the minister of misinformation.
Here's his whopper today:

"we’re not giving out a bunch of tax breaks to companies that don’t need them and are not creating jobs"

This is classic American liberalism:  handcuff businesses with outrageous taxes and regulations, support an inflexible inefficient union, drive the American dollar down - and then, when job-creation cannot happen - blame business!

Look at Detroit for an example, or communist USSR, or current Venezuela.  This is barack obama's dream America.  In those situations, the "leader" has a lot of power and eats pretty well.  Nobody else does, but that's just collateral damage to narcissistic socialists.
I don't think Detroit-results are the dream of most of his followers, but they are aiding this kind of inevitability. 

He then goes on to say that "80% of Americans agree with me on this".  !  Really! Where did he get that poll?  It's an outright lie of course, and probably a reflection of the idiots he tends to surround himself.
(I do believe polls are showing that around 80% of Americans oppose his awful obamacare though).  He lied to pass obamacare, he'll lie to pass the debt ceiling increase.

And, look at this:
- July 13, 2009: on obamacare: plan won’t “pull the plug on Grandma.”
- July 12, 2011:  Obama threatens to withhold Social Security checks: “I cannot guarantee that those checks go out on  August 3rd if we haven’t resolved this issue. Because there may simply not be the money in the coffers to do it”

Right now the "child emperor" is cornered by the effects of his own irresponsible economic policies.  Thank God some constitutional politicians are standing up to his destructive intentions.

Update:  Now, he's preaching about "shared sacrifices".  Excuse me?!  The more someone earns the more they pay in income taxes already.  What "shared sacrifices" are made by the 50% of Americans that pay zero income taxes and receiving entitlements paid for by job-creators?
Cut spending = jobs.

June 30, 2011

Why The Left's Global Warming Agenda Is Flat Out Wrong

Maybe it's my fault.
I get frustrated by the inevitable results of the left's inability to respect scientific method...while this guy actually explains why "man-made climate change/global warming" is a ridiculous myth and explains the "unintended results" should we fall for it.
Nine minutes of your life: less than a typical Phish song....worth it.

June 29, 2011

Obama 2012!

I saw this bumper sticker yesterday.

Why not just get the back of your car painted: "I'm intent on encouraging destructive behaviour from our least transparent and most economically irresponsible president"?

I can kind of imagine individuals that don't pay attention to anything deeper than "So You Thnk You Can Dance", trying to be hip, and falling for the billion dollar marketing job of 2008.

But to still be convinced he's the one?!  What in the world do you base your vote on?


The worst American economy since the Great Depression was a direct result from the housing/credit crisis ushered in by leftist democrats like obama's policies.

Obama past an unprecedented trillion+ dollar "stimulus" that ended up being nothing more than tax-payer payola to supporters. The result? A horribly weakened dollar, a more-than-doubled deficit, and very high unemployment and under-employment. Remember this: "If we don't hurry and pass this 'stimulus', unemployment might reach 8%!" (Obama Feb 2009).

Since congress turned dem in 2006, unemployment has nearly doubled! This is not due to "GWB driving the economy in the ditch". It's due to legislative decisions...policies. Policies have reactions.

The blocking of domestic drilling doesn’t just affect gas prices. It affects energy costs, plastic costs, it affects prices of all goods that require transportation: food, clothing, electronics, name it. Why does he block drilling? The “environment” you say? Really? Then why did he just donate billions in US taxpayer money for BRAZIL to expand drilling?!

Even today, he continues to treat the responsible as enemies. Those evil, horrid "rich". Yeah, those same people that create jobs and invest in the economy!

It will get worse. Obamacare gives the government one-seventh of the economy. And, we all know how efficient and careful the government is with money! Lord knows how much worse it would get if he were to be awarded an even more (although I don't see how) unaccountable four years!

The Constitution & Individual Liberty

Throughout the history of man, there have been men that want to rule other men. For 235, that silly old document has prevented such a thing from happening in the United States.

Remember the Patriot Act? The anti-terrorism bill passed by GWB and Congress that liberals couldn't stop shrieking about. To be honest: most conservatives don't like it either. That’s why we conservatives were baffled when Obama not only extended the duration of the Patriot Act, but he also expanded the scope! I would like to say we were surprised when deafening silence came from those oh-so concerned liberals from pre-2008. Yes, the streets were EMPTY without protesters. Have a liberal friend you consider informed and concerned? No you don’t.

Remember the mindless and very incorrect mantras surrounding the liberation of Iraq? That war GWB “lied” about and “rushed” into. Yeah, that same effort that was approved by congress, and had dozens of countries alongside. Contrast that with the Libya bombing, You remember: Obama said we’d be there for “days, not weeks” It’s been four months now, with no end in sight and without any good purpose. And most importantly: without congressional authority! 

He continues to push the oft-discredited “climate change”. Why? Does he really hate true scientific method that much? Is he that stupid? Or, does it further his desire to further punish job-creation and make more Americans dependent on the government. He better hurry. The increase in sunspot activity that’s existed most of the past fifteen years is predicted to decrease. Even the weakest-minded hipsters, and most loyal union teachers, will have a difficult time supporting the scam.

Foreign Policy:

Where to begin. Insulted Great Britain several times. Bows to dictators. Hates Israel and is trying to coerce them into suicide. He was supposed to improve the United States’ standing in the world – yeah, countries that hate freedom LOVE a weak America. Well done Mr. President, well done.


The only major-party candidate in the last 90 years to not release his college transcripts and health records.

He promised bills would be posted no less than 72 hours before being voted on. This hasn’t happened of course. Not even the 2000 page bill that destroys the greatest health care bill in the world. Obamacare. While it was being “debated” (behind one party’s closed doors) 65% of Americans were against it. Amazing, considering the media aided in this largest abuse of power in US history. After passing it and “seeing what’s inside it”, more than 70% of Americans are against it. It’s clear that it will reduce quality (ever been through a TSA line at the airport?), choice and increase overall cost. It will greatly decrease further innovation and discoveries.

Don’t go down in history like those well-meaning, yet easily-fooled “useful idiots” of 1917 Russia. They bought into Lenin’s class envy and visions of “equality”. They doomed the next several generations to suffer under poverty and mental domination under the Soviet Union.